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This is an example of how your "Pay to View" website could look

The most professional and secure online conference experience, delivering a ”front row” interactive seminar experience to a global online audience. Pay to View offers the ability for remote delegates to attend your event, greatly expanding your audience, and increasing the reach of your key messages. From our experience webcasting a live event online actually promotes attendance for the following year. Those choosing to watch online are normally colleagues who would not normally attend due to distance, time constraints or company position. What we offer:
  1. Enable multiple pricing and package options including coupons to best suit your ticketing needs.
  2. Grow your audience without compromising the quality of the experience with our interactive micro-sites offering the ability to ask live questions, vote and share.
  3. Monetise your live broadcasts with “Pay to View” and continue to earn revenue with recorded “video on demand”
  4. You’re in total control: set your own ticket price and broadcast schedule, we link your live event directly to your bank account making it simple to accept all major credit cards and keep track of revenue.
If you’d like to discuss your latest webcast or event please call WaveFX 01223 505600 or email
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